Achieve your goals in less time


If you are like most other people the time around the end of the year and the start of the new year is a time for reflection and reviewing your goals. How did you go last year?

Did you achieve everything you planned or perhaps not quite?

Was it an amazing year that far exceeded your expectations?

Or one that held some heartbreak and you are happy to move forward to a brighter future?

Whatever your experience is we hope that in 2020 you have a brilliant start to the decade and we would like to help you to do that.

Spreadable Ideas is all about sharing ideas that matter.

Unless you have goals for your life it becomes difficult to recognise what matters to you. It is much easier to waste hours of your life at a time playing games or mindlessly scrolling on social media or news feeds.

So please. If you don’t know what you want take some time for reflection and work it out. Get a life coach or book some time with your significant other for a deep and meaningful conversation about where you’re going in life together.

Write down your goals for 2020 and make sure that they are balanced. You don’t have to sacrifice one part of your life to achieve another. Make sure that you have goals for your professional / financial ambitions but also for personal, health or any other area where things are not currently as good as you want them to be.

Writing goals down is really important because unless you do and review them frequently you will not activate your reticular activation system (RAS). Turns out we have a goal seeking centre in our brain, the RAS, that targets our attention to the things that matter to us (our goals) and help us to achieve them.

No goals. No focus for your RAS.

Instead you are likely to be easily influenced by the marketers, persuaders and users of our society who grab your attention for a moment and get you to spend time and money on them. If brain doesn’t know what is important to you it will gravitate to what is important to others.

So goals. Right?

Collaboration is the secret sauce of achieving your goals.
Go far together.

Collaboration is the process of working together with others who have complimentary goals and objectives.

You’ll notice I don’t say the same goals. That’s unrealistic to expect that other people want exactly the same thing as you and that they are motivated in the same way you are.

For collaboration that doesn’t matter. What matters is that your goals and objectives are complimentary. That by helping them to achieve theirs they will help you with yours.

What that looks like depends on who you are and what your goals are.

Our goal at Spreadable Ideas is to help our community to be smart and sustainable in every sense of the word.

We don’t like going to the city for events and want to make sure that there are valuable events happening in the South East of Melbourne for us and our community.

Who are our community? You are the people in the City of Casey and those who travel here to hang out with us.

We create opportunities for you to connect with each other, find out what your working on and explore the potential for collaboration.

The saying is “Go fast alone. Go far together.” We think that with collaboration you can go far, faster so get involved. Come to events. Make time for a chat or coffee with the people you connect with.

Find people that you know, like and trust that you can collaborate with. Well be announcing some workshops we have planned leading up to the first LinkedInLocal for the year in March to help you to get your LinkedIn profile in order and start thinking about content creation if you have career or business goals to pursue.

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