About Us

Spreadable Ideas is a not for profit established to spread ideas in South East Melbourne and beyond

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ABOUT Spreadable Ideas

Spreadable Ideas started with TEDxCasey in 2019 and then

... it spread!

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Our Team

Our management team is made up of volunteers who are passionate about the potential for good ideas to change the world, for the better.

Paul Kenna Law

Co-Founder, founding team LinkedInLocal Casey and Licensee of TEDxCasey

Robert Pattie-Williams

Founding team LinkedInLocal Casey, Curator TEDxCasey and Spreadable Ideas volunteer

Joanne Law

Co-Founder, founding team of LinkedInLocal Casey and Curator of TEDxCasey

Brett Shuttleworth

Founder LinkedInLocal Casey, founding volunteer TEDxCasey and Spreadable Ideas

Lydia Ropiha

Licensee of TEDxCasey and Volunteer Coordinator and Chief Project Manager.

Roanna Gray

LinkedInLocal Casey leadership team, Marketing Team Lead TEDxCasey and Spreadable Ideas

Our Brands

Spreadable Ideas are custodians of strong brands through the work of our team.

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