We are always grateful for support for our events. If you would like to sponsor Spreadable Ideas or a specific event please get in touch.

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorship programs vary depending on the brand that we are managing.

Our TEDx license has specific restrictions regarding the types of organisations that we can partner with but other than that we are open to approaches from businesses who would like to share the halo of the amazing worldwide phenomenon that is TED and TEDx


Sponsorship Program

Find out more about sponsoring TEDxCasey or a specific event such as TEDxYouth@Casey, TEDxCasey 2020 Insight or a TEDxCaseySalon.

LinkedInLocal Casey

Sponsor an Event

LinkedInLocal Casey is a grass roots event dedicated to making in real life connections with people we know or will know through LinkedIn. It is business focused and out team is always open to approaches for in-kind or financial sponsorship to help us with events. We like to move our venues around to showcase the region so if you have a suitable venue you would like to offer we're all ears.