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Spreadable Ideas Events

We are custodians of the local events of powerful brands that we help to share others in our local community. Currently our main brands are TEDx and LinkedInLocal although we continue to connect the dots South East Melbourne.

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LinkedInLocal Casey

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More coming soon.

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We have a ton of events planned for 2020 and collaborate with all of the other major events in the region to make sure you don’t suffer the dilemma of working out which event to go to when they clash!

Volunteer run

Our core team are all volunteers so have patience if it takes a little while to get back to you. We won't get upset if you feel the need to follow up as well.


We are all about ideas and ways to make things better. If you have ideas for improvement or innovation please share them with us!

FLEXIBLE heirachy

We work using teams and volunteers. Our roles are flexible and often one person picks up various roles until we can find a suitable person to do the role.

In Real lIfe

We were established to run in real life events but are very aware that not everyone can make it to events in person. We record our events when appropriate.

Video Recording

It is very likely that your image and perhaps your words will be captured at our events. If you are on witness protection we suggest you don't attend.


We don't really deal with letters very well. Use the contact us page to send an email or call us if you have a question or want to send us a thing.

Less paper

We work electronically as much as we possibly can. We need trees to help balance our atmosphere so lets leave them growing instead of printing tickets.


Our main TEDxCasey event is ticketed through the Bunjil Place ticketing system and most other events are through Eventbrite under our various brands.

Email Lists

Make sure you are on our mail list so you get a heads up about our events.


If you are a not for profit why are not all of the events free?

We are a not for profit but putting on an event costs money. A lot of the labour is free or donated as in-kind donations but there are always lots of costs depending on the type of event. We'd be unable to function if we didn't have a fee on tickets.

I'm interested in volunteering. How do I get involved?

TEDxCasey is our largest event and the one that has the biggest need for volunteers. If you volunteer for that team you will get a heads up on other opportunities. Alternatively speak to one of the team in a quite moment at one of our events.